duckfaucet: daily faucetclaim @ faucetsystem

Welcome faucetsystem-visitor!
PROMO on 25-27th August = claim hourly

This daily-claim is on faucethub and faucetsystem. You will get a random amount between 50-125 satoshi. That's not much, I know, but it's purpose is to attrack visitors and make publishing for my duckfaucetgame! Use the menu at the top left to go to the other daily faucet and af course try my duckfaucetgame: doing a quiz, a puzzle, click on visitor links, kill rats et cetera and earn easily 500 satoshi. Good luck! Notice: i put only one pop-up on the daily faucets counting 24 hours so click somewhere on this page to activate that first and last pop-up for the day! Thanks!

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