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If you are interested in the world of bitcoins, I am putting here some info, making clear how to make the first steps into this workd, but beware the dangers because in een anonymous world, bandits can operate almost legit!

info about bitcoins

Bitcoin is an electronic currency, which you can do transactions with, like buying a host like my website. The bitcoin should be virtually "mined". Every day a certain amount will be released to people who dig the bitcoins (mining). This is done by using the power of computers, which costs a lot of electricity = money. These miners make also the transactions between accounts possible (they write the new bitcoin amount on the recipient and deduct that amount from the sender) so they ask a fee for doing these transactions.

8th August 2019 one bitcoin is worth more than 10 000 euro so they subdivide: 1 bitcoin = 1 millon bits and 1 bit = 100 satoshi
You will experience earning bitcoins is actually earning satoshi; else you would earn 0,00000250 bitcoin = 250 satoshi (8 digits after the comma)

There are forks of the bitcoin (some miners break up making a copy the bitcoin blockchain at that moment and going a seperate way under another name like bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold..) But nothing above the real original bitcoin!

you need a bitcoinadress or wallet

To receive and send satoshi you need a bitcoinadress. There are several sites where you can create one. There are app-wallets, cold-wallets but I use the online web-wallets.. because I play with the bitcoins on my computer then an online web-wallet seems easier. Go for the most secure ones: Coinbase or Blockchain or

read more & get an adress

making money: faucets & autofaucets

Surf to a faucet, this is a website that sends you a small amount of satoshi for seeing their advertisements. There are sites that ask you to proove you are not a robot claiming/stealing this money without seeing the ads, by doing a captcha. Because faucets pay a small amount, you need to save (= risky to lose when sites disappears suddenly) until you reach a larger amount to get it on your bitcoinadress. Micropayeers like faucethub is the solution: the earnings from these faucets go straight to that micropayeer; the money is yours! And when you reach a threshold like 10 000 satoshi you can get a withraw to your own bitcoinadress.
There are also autofaucets: skip a few interstituals, let the webpage open and every timeperiod satoshi is going directly to your account.

autofaucets my favorite faucetslist

my own faucets and game

I made a few faucets: you post your bitcoinadress, do the google-catpcha and after 10 seconds you can claim a random award to your micropayeer. I made a BTC and a DOGE faucet.

Also I like doing programming and I created an easy game: duckfaucet: you gain satoshi(points) for clicking on images like rats, visiting sponsored sites, doing a quiz, solving puzzle, sudokus etc. When you collect 100 satoshi(points) you will get them paid the same way as with the faucet.

go to duckfaucet hourly BTC faucet (EC)

news from

making money: trading

On evolvemarkets, using the platform of metatrader, you can send only 10 000 bit ( = 0,01 BTC) and start trading: you buy an amount of dollars with your bitcoin balance and guess if the value will be increasing and decreasing. When this happen, you can sell again your dollars and you have a bitcoin profit.
A lot of options about margin (how low can you go without selling with loss) and other currencies. Personally I am playing with the Japanese Yen, the Australian dollar and the American dollar. I made already more profit then I invested here (40 000 bit profit). I prefer using the app on my mobile to trade = easier and faster.

check metatrader

making money: investments

You can send an amount of bitcoins to a website, wait for a while to withraw and earn a higher percentage than you invested. This is a very dangerous business because most of these site are piramid sites: they pay the first investors with the money of other investors so after a while no one gets paid anymore. I used a website that monitors these websites, but despite this, it stayed risky! Invest only money you can lose (like the lottery)

I post also kind of a blog about my first scam-experience. I am not doing this anymore, but now I am trading with bitcoins.

check how I do this

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