bitcoins: bitcoinadress

To receive and send satoshi you need a bitcoinadress. There are several sites where you can create one. There are app-wallets, cold-wallets but I use the online web-wallets.. because I play with the bitcoins on my computer then an online web-wallet seems easier. Go for the most secure ones: Coinbase or Blockchain or!

You will see that not every claim on a faucet will send your bitcoins directly to your wallet: there are micropayeers that collect your small amounts of bitcoins until you got enough to get the amount on your real wallet (because there are fees on every transaction on a bitcoinwallet, this is a solution to collect small amounts on faucetsites without losing it to fees!

what is a bitcoinadress

A bitcoinadress looks like a random letters and numbers. Mine looks like this: 12ghRJcYFS8mdz68Y27WtPVbWVaBEj3YTG I post this adress on faucetsites and when I claim there my satoshi, the bitcoins come to my (micropayeer) wallet. You can get such a bitcoinadress for free. My online web-wallets coinbase and blockchain give me everythime an adress is used, a new one, for safety reasons. But the old ones keep working!


My first bitcoinadress I created on coinbase. I seached on google reviews and if you are looking for a online web-wallet (there is also an app if you like your smartphone) coinbase seems very secure en trustworth! Allthough bitcoinadresses are anonymous, you need to upload your id-card and confirm bankaccount if you really want to buy/sell bitcoins with the account. If you only want to send and receive bitcoins, that step is not necessary.

get an adress on coinbase

When coinbase started to ask fees for sending bitcoins, I searched for an alternative web-wallet. Blockchain is also very trustworth, and you can change the amount of fee you want to spend for sending your bitcoins. Be aware that a transaction may never be sent if miners don't dive your block with a very low fee. But when a transaction is not sent, you will get a refund so you don't lose anything.

get an adress on

You may want to create an online wallet on if you not only want a bitcoinadress, but also a litecoin, dogecoin adress. The website seems less experienced and monitored.

get an adress on

jaxx mobile wallet

A wallet only on your mobile with your own private keys so the coins are totally yours!

jaxx on Android jaxx on iPhone