duckfaucet: BITCOIN 15 satoshi claim @ exprescrypto

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Hi there bitcoinseeker! Welcome to my faucet. This is a promo-faucet for my website duckfaucet. Login below with your EC-adress and do a litte easy shortlink (adfly = 5 sec) and after that do one quiz question. After that you will get access to the faucet and you can claim directly to your expresscrypto.

You crypto-guys don't mind me installing here one pop-up, do you?


ducksite & this page follow the rules of international cookie consent: landing prompted you with a banner to (dis)allow types of cookies. Be aware when you login with your EC-Userid-adress, you will leave and you may see unexpected cookies. This is a mutal relationship: we earn credits on advertiser websites and you will earn satoshi on your expresscrypto-account.
That's fair, right?


Bitcoin prize is +40 000 euro and you will earn on my site: between 10-15 satoshi every hour!

February 2021 and more than 9000 satoshi available!

btw: competition on duckfaucet ended

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