duckfaucet: choose your duck

Hello, I changed the layout and format of duckfaucet. Choose your duck, do whatever it takes to get your duck happy, and earn bitcoin or euro. Depending on which duck you choose you have to do other tasks to get your payout and access to the faucethub-faucet(check below).

HOW 2 START? Drag your duck to the water, login (or make an account) and play the game and/or claim on the faucet. Good luck!

Lazy duck = just post your bitcoinadress, do captcha and adfly-interstitual and claim satoshi on the faucet
Cosy duck = login, find cosy on the rats-page, solve 2 quiz-questions correct, click on 3 ad-links
Dreamy duck = login, click on 10 ad-links and gain more satoshi in the faucet
Smarty duck = login, answer 5 quiz-questions and solve at least 1 puzzle/sudoku correct and gain more satoshi on the faucet
Goldy duck = combination of cosy, dreamy and smarty to get a lot of satoshi

You can always save extra satoshi points to get a payout on paypal / bankaccount if you convert it into euro.
Only one payout per IP per account per day. Faucet pays on faucethub