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Faucets are a lot of work for just pennies (few satoshi per site). You can consider to invest your money in HYIP-sites. (A high-yield investment program). This is almost always a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises very high profits: earlier investors get paid with the money invested by new investors and so on. It's up to you to decide when to get out of the site and withraw your profits before the site can't pay anymore and becomes a scam.

I stopped playing with these investment sites; now I trade, hodl and stake some crypto to earn.

BLOG: my first scam

I landed on and invested small amount of 0,001 BTC (that was that time about 1 euro). They promised every day 11% profit without return of the investment. So after 10 days I would have got 0,0011 (that's 0,0001 profit). No big fuss but the site promised unlimited profit. So day 11 i got again that 11% and day 12 again and so on. After 20 days I would have earned 0,0022 (and I invested only 0,001 so i got not only my money back, I doubled it)

It worked and I decided after a fuzzy talk with my nephew, to invest 100 euro, that was 0,1 BTC. The first day I got an email the site was under maintance. But they promised all accruals will be added soon. It never happenend. Accruals came, but when I clicked on the withraw button, it said: balance is saved (not withrawn) and that is the sign the site is a scam.

BLOG: newage-bank: second scam

While hashreserve became scam, I was luckily trying new investmentsites and I discovered allhyipmonitors where you can lookup for reviews on all those investementsites and yes: hashreserve was scam saying its visitors. I landed by following an ad on newage-bank. You need to invest 0,005 (that's 5 euro) and you will get your money doubled after 30 days. Not eternal or unlimited like hashresereve: you get the double after a month.
I invested that small amount. It's shown on the site as a bankcard. And satoshi is accrualing every second. When you click on the bankcard, the saved amount from the card goes to your account balance. And yes you can withraw your balance. I tried it and withraw every 0,001 to be sure I got my investment back. It kept working. I invested 0,03 extra from my bitcoin and used the profit 0,005 again to buy a new card. Satoshi is accrualing so the site got my trust. My nephew got his an account too.

From 1st April they were doing new actions: new cards that give more and sooner the profit. Hmmm gives a negative feeling when you notice a new investment gives sooner more profit than your earlier investment. Is this the beginning the bank needs more income to pay the earlier investors? Anyway, I withraw today (7th April) again 0,01 and it came straight to my blockchain-wallet; I withraw already more than I invested and I have a lot of cards accrualing so if the site shuts down, I will find it sad, but I won't have lost anything!
10th of April: every day they are launching new cards with more profit.. seems suspicious. And yes yesterday I logged in and again a new card with more profit: the birthday card :-)

14th of April I decided to not reinvest and just save the accruals and try to withraw. I surfed to the allhyipmonitors but the disaster was inevitable: visitors were saying they didn't got paid out anymore. Newage-bank became a scam. My withrawal kept on pending and that means not good.

INVEST: hourpay

This site got 63 green pays labels on the allhyip-monitors. You only get 1,1% after 96 hours (that's not much) but the policy works and the site is online for a very long time and keeps paying their investors.

Hourpay is good, trustworth, only 1,1% profit on 4 days, okay in real life that's more than fine, but negative point: you can't reinvest your earnings: you need to withraw it and send new investment: with paying a fee on every sending, it's not a great profit if you are playing with just 10-20 dollars.

BLOG: cmetrades becomes scam

I searched an alternative for hourpay because you can't reinvest there. I found cmetrades. You can play with small amounts starting from 10 dollar (exchange equivalent in bitcoins) and you will get 2,1% every day for 20 days = 42% after these 20 days! You will get your deposit back to your balance so after 20 days you 'll have 142%. Not bad! Extra positive issue for me personaly: You can reinvest from balance = interesting to avoid fees on withraw and sending again a new investment. The website exists already more than one year and got green positive reviews on allhyipmonitors. So this is my new investmentsite, playing with my first 15 dollars.
The site was online for more than 2 years, so i invested and withrew money. But now it became scam although some monitors is saying it is valid. Easy to investigate which monitors not to trust anymore!

MONITORS: allhyipmonitors

If you want to find out if an investment site is reliable, you can try searching it's reviews on allhyipmonitors. It gives you an overview of all monitoring sites who are observing the investment site. That's a first feeling if a site is reliable or not. Most important for me: at the bottom you can see facebook posts of regular users who posted their experiences with the site. There is also some spam between the posts, but read them carefully to make up your mind if you want to invest.

see allhyipmonitors

INVEST: binance

I stopped with these HYIP-sites and focused on other bigger projects that won't go offline that soon. I got to the big exchanges coinbase and binance. Especially binance is fun: you can play games on the site, chat in livechats and get crypto gift boxes with small amounts of random crypto in.

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