blog: my experience with making money on binance

You can make money on trading, swapping, stacking, DEFI-stacking, hodling cryptocurrencies like bitcoin on an exchange. I will try to explain from my own experience below what I am doing and how and where I am doing it.

an exchange

There are websites where you can buy cryptocurrencies and sell them back and hopefully you got some profit. But you can do more on an exchange. There are a few big exchanges, I would suggest you chose a big exchange because the volume that goes on such an exchange determines faster growth which is interesting in a few opportunities to make profit.

I chose binance because the easy app and a lot of opportunities. It's almost addicting to check the app continously how much profit you make.

i chose binance

Why you ask? The number speaks! It's the exchange with the largest trade volume, worldwide. Binance offers a lot of opportunities to invest, earn, play so you can chose for yourself in which one you feel safe, most secure. I am exploring new opportunities on the binance-app every week.
15th of July Binance turned 5 years!

i explain more

I made serveral pages to explain how I do it with screenshots to visualize. Click on the buttons below on which topic you want to read more of me:

how to deposit
how to hodl and trade
how to earn with stacking

benefit of being my referral

An exchange like binance adores traffic; that's why they give referrals extra benefits: when you sign up through my link, you will get 10% off from transaction fees when trading. Lifetime. When you want to buy and sell bitcoins or other crypto, you always pay some fee. 10% reduction on those fees is a benefit you should use!
You're welcome. And thanks!

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