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Making money is talking with big words.. no you are not going to get rich! When you like playing with cryptocurrencies and want your wallet to get a bit bigger, you may consider trying a faucet to get your virtual coins.


You should have made a bitcoinadress. You won't earn bitcoins but just a few satoshi on faucetsites: there are micropayeers like faucetpay where those satoshi are collected until you have reached a larger amount to get withrawn to your bitcoinwallet.

You may lose satoshi if you don't make an account first on these microwallets, so do this before you begin. Because there is a fee on each bitcointransaction, a micropayeer is a solution.


step 1

First surf to a faucetwebsite. I will explain you what you can see. On this site you see the name of the faucet Mad Dog Lion but also how much satoshi the site owner still has Mad Dog Lion and how much you can claim in what time period 50 satoshi in 10 minutes.

step 2

You see anti-bot-links 3,9,1 which you have to click in that specific order to get the claim button visible. It's a protection against robots but I think it's also a way to keep a visitor longer on the website = ads will be shown longer = more money for the website owner.

step 3

Above the anti-bot-links you see I am not a robot Google's recaptcha what you see on most sites. Click it and then do the puzzle like in this example: click all boxes with traffic signs

step 4

After doing the anti-bot-links and doing the recaptcha a blue claim button (not always blue) appears. Click on it!

step 5

Money has been sent. In this example you see that 50 satoshi sent to faucethub, that former micropayeer that doest't exist anymore. These bitcoins are yours! When you collect enough satoshi on your expresscrypto-micropayeer-wallet the bitcoins are sent to your real coinbase-wallet.

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