More info about duckhunting

Okay I will try to explain how duckhunting works. If you still have questions, you can always contact me in English or Dutch.

LOGIN: you need an account to identify yourself collecting duckies. You typ your username and a chosen password. You need to allow tracking and marketing cookies to get access to duckhunting because duckhunting works with ads and popups and ofcourse I want you to see them so I can earn a few pennies myself.
Are you new to duckhunting? How to register? Just post a username you like and a password. When the username doesn't yet exist, the account will be created. It's that easy!
Every household can only have one account. VPN, IP-adresses will be checked and access will be denied when the system detects multiple accounts with the same IP-adress. If you think there has been a mistake, feel free to contact me.
Your password is stored in the database but encrypted. Never can the webmaster see or change this password. Therefor you should put a valid emailadress on your profile later so you can change the password for your username linked to your emailadress.

DUCKIES & POINTS: duckies is the name of the currency on duckhunting. When you collect 15 'points' it's named: 15 duckies. You can exchange these duckies for bitcoin satoshi or for eurocents. Earning duckies by playing games will give you additional points: click-points, puzzle-points, quiz-points. On the exchange page you can exchange these points to extra duckies!

QUIZ, PUZZLE, SUDOKU, CLIXWALL, BITSWALL: on these pages you will earn duckies.

FIND COSY: you will earn duckies and points; this is a cheap way for visitors to gain traffic to their sites. Direct links, no shortlinks. You have to drag a rat to the trap. The website will open and you will see at the top how many duckies and points you won. You can close the website inmediately. You will get also one cosy duck. You'll need a cosy duck together with an amount of points or duckies to get payouts or doing exchanges on the site.

BITSWALL & CLIXWALL: these external sites are inserted into duckhunting: you don't need an account there or doing anything else: just visit these walls on duckhunting and click on the paid links: after a short timer you need to click the asked symbol to get the amount. The money you can earn on those walls are converted into duckies and added to your balance here on duckhunting inmediately!

FEED THE DUCK: on this page you can click on links hidden behind a shortlink.
There are two pages: the first is earning duckies: if you pass the shortlink, you will earn an high amount of duckies to your account. The second page is an opportunity to adjust your quiz quality: after passing the shortlink, your quiz quality will change in your benefit (read further).

DUCK BATTLE : here you can win duckies and competition points at any time. You need to buy 5 battle credits from your balance. These credits are used to multiply your credits when you win. There are three ducks on the page and you click on one duck. The computer will also choose a duck. Your chosen duck will win from one duck but will lose from another duck. You can see this when you hover with your mouse above the three images. Losing = balance turns to zero. Winning = your balance will be multiplied with 1.5 and when the computer picks the same duck as you, you also win one extra duckies. You can ask a payout of those duckies at any time when your balance is more than the 5 bought credits. Those credits will be added at your balance directly. For every buy and every payout of duckies you will get a competition point so this game is very popular when a running competition is coming to an end and you want to get extra points for a higher prize.

NOTIFICATION: on a few pages you can be shown a subscription to the notifications: this is a way to sponsor the website.

COMPETITION: for every action you do on duckhunting (play games, clicking links on walls, exchanging points, asking payouts on the faucet..) you will earn competition points. After a period I close the running competition (and a new competition starts at the same time) and the top 20 users with the highest competition points can win a prize. Prizes are dreamy ducks = 25 duckies worth! But a member needs to do two things to get this prize: when competiton is running, he needs to make himself eligible by clicking the button on the competition page. When competition ended, webmaster will put prizes in the database and the member needs to collect the prize himself by clicking on the claiming prize button, again a button on the competition page.

HOURLY BTC FAUCET: every hour you can claim an amount of BTC satoshi directly to your micropayeer (Faucetpay). You need to answer 5 quiz questions. After that action I will calculate your quiz quality ( = how many correct answers to the total of questions ) and this should be at least 75%. A correct quiz answer will give you 2 duckies but a wrong answer will take 5 duckies from your balance. I want you to have a positive balance.
When you answered 5 quiz questions the last hour, have a positive duckies balance and a quiz quality of at least 75% you will get access to the faucet and claim your BTC satoshi.
To get more duckies and a higher quiz quality you can play games on the duckhunting or do shortlinks: on the feed the duck you can choose between 10 duckies or a higher quiz quality. After doing the shortlink there, 10 duckies will be added to your balance; or there will be taken 2 questions from your total so the percentage between correct answers and total of questions will be higher.

EXCHANGE & PAYOUTS: here you can exchange duckies to satoshi and get a payout on Faucetpay, coinbase or binance; you can also exchange duckies to eurocent and ask a payout when you get 1 euro on your European bankaccount or paypal, coinbase or binance. On this page you can exchange the free given quiz-puzzle-click-points into extra duckies! Also prizes (dreamy ducks) won after claiming them can be exchanged here for duckies!
You can exchange points or ask for a payout only once an hour (60 minutes) so the webmaster can check balances of the visitors. Payouts will be done manually on Sunday. You need to provide a valid emailadress on your profile because the webmaster will send you a confirmation when payout has been sent.

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