Welcome to duckhunting: the asset is easy: answer 5 quiz questions correct and gain access to the faucet = claim 2 or 5 BTC satoshi directly to faucetpay. You can also go hunting for cosy ducks, kill rats, feed the duck and puzzle yourself to win the running competition!

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Too low quiz quality because you answered a few questions wrong? Do a shortlink to adjust the percentage

You can use your duckies to advertise and get visitors to your site
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You can exchange here duckies for eurocents and ask a payout when you got 1 euro

Latest news

faucetpay added and works

Yes I finally did it: I added faucetpay as micropayeer so the hourly faucet is back operating! Answer those quiz questions and make sure you have a good quiz quality and balance and claim every hour 2 - 5 BTC satoshi
Item 17 was added on: 21-07-2022
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