bitcoins: making money with autofaucets

Want to earn satoshi without claiming all the time? Try autofaucets! You vistit that site, after posting your bitcoinadress (or other cryptocurrency) you probably have to do an interstitual advertising. After that, you will receive satoshi and a timer indicates how often you will receive again those satoshi without doing anything else!

Some timers will expire unless you do another interstitual. Good luck !

Quite some popups on the site but you can adjust timers and payout amount and interstitual time but if you calculate you will see that every interstitual will pay the same. The compagny has three sites and every site you can open multiple times (every currency once).
Also paying direct to faucethub or (higher amounts) on site account and manually payout to faucethub.


ETH ethereum

Do you believe in ethereum (ETH) and as much as possible? Try these autofaucets!