bitcoins: making money with autofaucets

Welcome @ ducksite!

I have a own duckfaucet and an hourly BTC faucet but you are on this page probably because you want to make money with autofaucets as the title says and are interested in my story.
Scroll down, read the boxes and ofcourse: good luck and happy earnings!

You crypto-guys don't mind me installing here one pop-up, do you? = penny for webmaster = thanks for that!

1. what is an autofaucet ?

After entering your credentials on such a website, the website if sending automatically satoshi to your wallet, over and over. So without doing anything else, you are making money! Sometimes you can even close the website and disappear and you keep on earning!

What a luxury you think? Keep on reading!

2. captcha/shortlink/miner ?

The autofaucet is not just for fun sending you those satoshi: you need to do something in return! You may activate pop-ups, using your electricity with a miner on the background, or you need to pass a shortlink to earn minutes the autofaucet will work.
Nothing wrong with that you think, and that's true.

3. you can do the math ?

You need to decide how much work you want to put into the autofaucet and how much satoshi you will make when the autofaucet stops sending. Sometimes you'll get more benefit just visiting the regular faucet with the same work (shortlinks)
My calculations: i don't do a shortlink paying less than 2 BTC satoshi: you got faucets paying 1 BTC satoshi just with captcha = a shortlink is too much effort for just that same satoshi.

"My calculations:
I don't do a shortlink paying less than
2 BTC satoshi"

4. online/offline autofaucets ?

This is a fun thing: online autofaucets want you to keep the tab open sending the satoshi.

But there are also offline autofaucets = once you did the work, the autofaucet keeps sending satoshi to your wallet for a standard time. Those are my favorite, I do them before I shut down my computer.

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